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Justice naccarato N.P.

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Have you ever been to your doctor only to be told that all your tests are "normal"?

Dr Smith has helped thousands of clients who are now enjoying a healthier life.
If you or someone you know is suffering from;

Or any other condition with vague or inconsistent symptoms....
we may be able to help.

by Dr Hugh Smith

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Dr Hugh Smith

Dr. Hugh Smith is an internationally recognized researcher in mycoplasma and cell wall deficient form research. He has written numerous articles in journals and health magazines regarding parasites, mycoplasmas and cell wall deficient forms.
His observations isolated many conditions for which there was little that mainstream medicine could diagnose or reverse.

He has been a consultant to numerous M.D.'s from around the globe and has performed research for such notable physicians as Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. Patrick Fratellone and many doctors refer patients to Dr. Smith.

Thousands of clients have had success using Dr. Smith's protocols for help with chronic diseases such as MS, IBS, Parkinsons, Cancer and a host of conditions which seemed hopeless.

Dr Smith is available for consultations in Mexico, just an easy 10 min drive south of the San Ysidro border crossing.

Justice naccarato N.P.

The Tradition Continues, Justice Naccarato (Dr. Smith's daughter) has been involved in clinical work since her junior and senior high school days where she assisted her father in his research.
She resided with her husband Brian in Washington State where they conducted a successful thermography clinic. Doctors and hospitals call upon her expertise to assist in complimentary adjuncts to mammography. Now age 31, she has moved to San Diego to carry on the family tradition of Nutritional counseling. In addition, as a Certified Clinical Thermologist, certified by
the American College of Clinical Thermographers (ACCT)., she sits on the board of the
American Medical Thermology Society (AMTS) and the Camp Stix Fundraising Auction Committee as Facility Chair.

What others have to say about Justice:


You are unbelievable.
I can NEVER thank you enough. I am forever in your debt and will owe you in any way you need me.
You have done more in two weeks than 30+ specialists in the last 35 years!
Love and Gratitude from
myself, my wife, (an RN) my mother and brother.
May 21, 2012
R.R, San Diego, Ca


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the time that Justice spent with my health concerns. I must admit, since I have always only seen Hugh, I was afraid that someone else could not help me as much as Hugh has in the past.
Well, I can honestly say that I was very happily surprised! Justice's professionalism and her knowledge are quite remarkable!

She pinpointed my health concerns, and recommended the right supplements to help me get better! Just like my experience with Hugh, within 3 days of seeing Justice and receiving her recommendations of what to eliminate from my daily routine and taking the appropriate supplements, I felt like a new person!!

I am so happy Justice decided to become a part of Biocytonics! She is a wonderful practitioner and is a great asset to the health of San Diego people! To everyone at Biocytonics; Thank You again for all that you do with your wisdom, knowledge and the proper supplements to help your clients live a healthier life.

P.S. (A client of Dr Hugh Smith for the past 7 years)

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