Chronic Fatigue

When I first came to see Dr. Smith I was suffering from a severe cough, a huge rash on my torso, and chronic fatigue so dibilitating i could barely function.
I had had the fatique for years and was unable to think clearly, would fall alseep every afternoon completely exhausted, and go to bed at 7pm.

He put me on products you can find at the health food store or internet and within two weeks my cough was gone.
A month later the rash disappeared and I now have energy i could only dream of.

N.S.,Encinitas, Ca

I just have to tell you the good've cured me of my chronic fatigue.
I haven't had an afternoon nap for about 6 weeks matter how demanding my day is, I no longer collapse on the floor in the afternoon!!!!!!! I can't tell you how wonderful this is.
I'm staying up till 9 usually, not 7:30-8pm anymore and yesterday I taught all day in ventura county, drove home, and still had energy to unload the car and enjoy the evening.
thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N.S. San Diego, Ca

"As a client of Hugh Smith for the past ten months, I am yelling from the roof tops to anyone who will listen. Make an appointment as soon as you can. The vitaligo, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia that I have had for 20 yrs to the point of being in a wheel chair (pain in my body was so bad I did not want to move, never the less walk) and taking methadone and vicodin three times a day are gone. I no longer take any of these medications and gave away the wheel chair. I use the TrimaZyme, magnetic pad for water, and other vitamins he recommends. Hugh Smith has altered my entire life. Actually given me back a life. I follow his advice to the letter and have regular check ups. The silly thing is, it is so simple. Thanks again Hugh for your commitment to good health and a great life!!!!!!"

J.A. T Lincoln, CA

"I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a number of years. I began Dr. Smith´s protocol (which included TrimaZyme) and in a few days the level of energy increase and reduction in pain have been nothing short of amazing."

J. R., Fair Oaks, California