"After the removal of my gallbladder about 7 years ago, I have had to use the restroom frequently after having a meal. My doctor told me that I may have to use the restroom more after having my gallbladder taken out, especially if I would eat anything greasy or salad like. The last couple of years my bathroom issue has caused me to not to want to eat on the road or very far away from home because it was no longer a one time visit to the restroom but several!

In the last year, I had several tests done and no results! It just seemed like a dead end. My doctor was wanting me to go on Immodium, anti depressants and muscle relaxers as a bandaid to my issues. They said I would just have to live with it as if this condition was normal. I was disappointed, to say the least, in my medical visits and felt they looked at me as though there was nothing medically wrong with me.

My condition worsened in this last year to the point that I didn't want to travel down the road or go for a walk in my neighborhood. My body was exhausted and I was unable to do a daily routine. I just didn't have energy and it seemed hope was fading. I wanted to go back to the day that I didn't think about a bathroom and I could just live life once again. This condition was not only affectting me but my family and friends. It was frustrating and I cried for quite a few tears.

"I had heard about Dr. Smith a couple of years ago from a friend but thought that I wasn't sick enough to see him. I finally worked up the courage to make an appointment. In September 2008, I met Dr. Hugh Smith for the first time. He is kind, caring and compassionate to every person that comes to him. He even has a sense of humor! For the first time in a long time, I had hope restored to my situation. I wasn't making things up. I met someone who listened and understood what I was going through.
I was going to be able to make an informed choice about my health. It was amazing what my husband and I experienced that day in his office. Everything he shared made sense. I cried in his office that day not because I was sad but because I had hope.

Dr. Hugh told me my condition was going to get worse before I was going to start feeling better. It truly did get worse before getting better, but Dr. Smith said to hang in there and that I would begin to see results if I wouldn't give up. I am seeing incredible results! Understand, I wouldn't have seen the results if I hadn't followed his direction and guidance. I am so thankful to Dr. Hugh Smith and his wife Diana for giving hope back to so many.
They have truly impacted my life forever."

K.W., San Diego

"I met Dr. Hugh Smith about 10 years ago when he was in Sacramento. I went in very ill, with irritable bowell syndrome, as well as several other debilitating conditions. I am convinced that if I had not met him, and followed his protocol, that I would be a very sick old lady today. I am 60 years young, thanks to him and the journey to health he has put me on. I think the most important gift he gave me was relief from the horrific panic attacks and chronic anxiety. I really don't know what would have become of me if I had taken the route that conventional medicine had offered me. What I DO know is that he is a dedicated man, with a wealth of knowledge and a very big heart."

J.P., Lodi, CA