Hormone Issues

I had been having some strange symptoms for a few months. Inability to stay focused. Always tired. Weight gain in unusual places.
A visit to my M.D. resulted in a $1250.00 blood test that found my level of testosterone low. At my follow-up visit to the M.D., he wanted to prescribe testosterone supplements. I was uncomfortable with that and told him that I would rather find out WHY it was low. He said there was nothing further he could do to find out why.

So I came to see Dr. Smith. After a visit and a saliva test from ZRT Labs I found out EXACTLY why my testosterone level was so low.

The summary of the ZRT saliva test stated that the only way my level could be so low was if I was taking progesterone supplements (which I am not) or if I often come in contact with someone using topical progesterone cream.

I immediately asked my wife what that cream was that she puts on her arms at night, and, bingo, progesterone.
Apparently progesterone promotes cortisol which inhibits testosterone.
I can only imagine what would have happened to me if I had started taking the testosterone supplements.

Thank you Dr. Smith for your wisdom and insight ( and your humor is right up there too). For a fraction of what western medicine's finest charged me, I got to the root of the issue.