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Just Good Stuff
(Nourishing non-toxic body products)

We started making these non toxic body products for our personal pursuit of using products that would not add more toxins to our body! Our world is filled with so many toxins and we DO NOT want to add anymore!

Our journey started quite humbly in Spokane, WA in the fall of 2010. After sharing our cherished products with our family and a few close friends we were excited by their overwhelming response.
We were not the only ones that raved about them!
We have done alot of research to find the perfect ingredient combinations. Many hours of study and reseach have been done to know what ingredients really are safe to use. Our trial and error has lead us to sharing these fantastic products with all of you! Thus began our journey to share "Just Good Stuff". We hope you will fall in love with our nourishing body products as we have. Handmade by Joy & Ginny

Z.R.T. Labs
(Hormone testing)

In my opinion Z.R.T. Labs, saliva tests are the most accurate hormone tests available.
These tests are available to anyone in the U.S., but if you live California or New York you will need a pratitioner to "sign off" on the test.If this is the case, you will need to purchase the test-kit from your chiropractor, nutritionist or medical doctor.
Kits are also available from some of the chiropractors we work with:
Results are usually forthcoming within 10 days.


Thermography is now covered 100% by AFLAC and Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Thermography can detect breast cancer 6 years before a mammogram without the pain and radiation.
Meditherm has a network of Thermographers available world wide.
Your thermograms are evaluated by doctors from Duke University and the results are usually available within 48 to 72 hours.
The results are archived and available to your physician from anywhere in the world.
Additionally, thermography can detect Inflammatory Breast Disease (IBD), Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), back and spinal issues, circulatory problems and much more.

New leaf Bio Fuel

New Leaf Biofuel is a San Diego biodiesel company focused on transforming the way companies fuel their vehicle fleets. New Leaf is focusing on providing biodiesel to the San Diego area. We are currently recruiting restaurants to participate in our waste vegetable oil collection program.

The Synergy Company

For those individuals searching for supplemental foods, I can think of no other product(s) that are simply the most dynamic foods available today. These products are the result of Mitchell May's research and I highly recommend that you visit his site and see for yourself.

Organic Farms

Many have asked for organic food sources and, because so many are from various areas within the U.S. we list here a site that lists the organic farms from around the U.S.

(The makers of Cumanda)

The beginnings of the company extend deep into the jungles of Peru. The founder of Nutramedix, while working as a missionary pilot in the Peruvian rainforest during the 1980�s, first learned about the herb Cat�s Claw from the Ashaninka Indians. Since that time, Nutramedix has maintained very strong relationships with the Peruvians who harvest our materials, and each year our researchers conduct an expedition into the jungle with them to investigate new medicinal plants for development.

Natural Immunogenics
(The makers of Sovereign Silver)

Silver Hydrosol (colloidal silver) in its safest form is available directly from the manufacturer. The efficacy and safety of this substance is such that it is only one of two brands recommended by Dr. Smith.
(Alernative cancer treatments products)

For those seeking alternative cancer products such as B17, Miracle Minerals and more plus information regarding these products, see this website.

Life Silver
(ASAP another good silver product)

Until recently, the only silver I would recommend is listed above. Recently, a product was discovered called ASAP which is also very safe, effective and inexpensive. The website is very informative.

Medical Research Products
(The makers of Cantron)

The original Cantron is available directly from the manufacturer in Florida. This product measures 1.4 million on the ORAC scale and Dr. Smith recommends it usage for conditions involving free radical damage. Also available is the original GH-3 formula by Dr. Anna Aslin.

Alpha Omega Labs
(The makers of Cansema)

Cansema is an escharotic salve and has putative value for melanomas and tumors. It may be ordered directly from the manufacturer in Ecuador. The FDA has banned the importation of escharotics and you must be aware of this caveat. We have provided this link for your research, however BioCytonics does not endorse the use of this product.


Immunocal is a product that has 5 patents and is a pharmaceutical-grade milk serum protein isolate that produces a sustained delivery of cystine to the cells via normal metabolic pathways.
This is a MLM (Multi Level) product and we suggest you search for the best pricing. BioCytonics does not endorse any Multi Level Marketing products with the exception of this superior product. However, BioCytonics and Dr. Smith are not distributors!


Oralmat Drops for treatment of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, hay fever and other respiratory illnesses. Oralmat is also a highly concentrated plant based source of squalamine, beta 1-3, glucan and genestein
You can also purchase this product from our supplements page

Dr. Lorriane Day

Dr. Lorraine Day is one of the most courageous M.D.s in the country. Read about her complete recovery from breast cancer and her all natural approach.
(I love this woman).

Ralph Moss

Ralph Moss has one of the most extensive sites on the internet regarding cancer and mainstream approaches. This site is a must read if you or a family member are having challenges with cancer.

Life Extension

Life Extension is a company that has a lot of products Dr. Smith likes to recommend. Plus their information is well balanced and scientific. LEF's discussion of hormones, for example, is particularly insightful. Our only reservation is the membership fee to buy products at a "discount"

Spach Optics - Microscopes

Located in the optics capital of the world, Rochester NY, Spach Optics Inc. specializes in reconditioned Olympus, Nikon, Leica & Zeiss microscopes & accessories. If what you are looking for is not on our website, please give us a call or send an email & we will find it for you.


Q-links are also available on the internet and are highly recommended.
Dr. Smith wears one 24/7.

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